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Know the Benefits of Ice Water for Weight Loss

Many benefits can be obtained from consuming water, including ice water. In addition to refreshing, drinking cold water or ice water is believed to reduce weight and facilitate the digestive system. Water is needed by all cells, tissues, and organs in the body to be able to function properly. Drinking enough water is also important to prevent dehydration. In addition, drinking lots of water or ice water before meals will make you fill up quickly and eat less, so you can lose weight. Ice water is also good for consumption while exercising because it can help cool the body. This effect makes you able to exercise longer, so that the calories burned will be more. Can Ice Water Really Lose Weight? Drinking ice water makes the body work harder to warm the water that enters the body, by burning calories to increase the body's metabolism. To help reduce weight, it is recommended that you drink one glass of water or ice water before eating. A study shows that regularly drinking 0.5 l
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Mother, This is the Safe and Easy Way to Clean Baby's Ears

Just like other members of the baby's body, caring for baby's ear hygiene is also no less important thing to do. So you can do it, let's, consider some safe and easy ways to clean baby's ears. One of the main goals of cleaning the baby's ears is to reduce the risk of the baby developing diseases due to ear infections. In addition, if the ears are clean, Little will also feel more comfortable. How to Safely Clean Baby's Ears Mother can clean baby's ears in several ways, namely: Use washcloth and warm water First, prepare a washcloth dipped in lukewarm water. After that, squeeze the washcloth until there is no water left, to prevent water from entering the baby's ear. Then, gently clean the outside of the baby's ear, but avoid squeezing or squeezing the towel near the baby's ear hole. In addition to using washcloths, Mother can also clean your Little Ears using round cotton that has been moistened with warm water. Use ear cleaning fluid if

This is a Safe Baby Swaddle Method

Cloths or blankets for swaddling babies are generally still used by mothers today. However, you also have to know how to swaddle the baby right and be done carefully to avoid negative risks to the baby. Swaddling is common since babies are born in a maternity home. Cloth wrapping around the baby's body, as if resembling the mother's womb that can calm and make the baby sleep more comfortably. In addition, baby swaddling done correctly can help soothe fussy babies. . Baby Swaddling Guide The first thing to consider to prevent the danger of baby swaddling is to avoid swaddling too tight. Give space that allows the baby to move his legs. This is necessary so that the baby's development is not hampered. It is important for parents to know how to swaddle babies properly and safely. Here are the guidelines: Place the cloth or blanket for the baby swaddle on a flat surface with the corner of the fabric on. Then, fold the top edge slightly so that the fabric almost resembles